Maggie St.Thomas Photography

"i enjoy seeing photographs or reading almost anything about the ramones, but it is specially satisfactory when a written piece is done well with a true sense of understanding of punk music. this is just the case in what maggie has written about the band. she is also very good at capturing the bands spirit in photos."

                                            -arturo vega  (Ramones Creative Director) 2001

"I think back to the early days that I was capturing my first subjects thru my camera lens, I sometimes wonder how I managed to get a clear shot in a mosh pit with fans and punkers twice my height clambering around and stage diving.  This was the landscape in which I learned my craft: hands on, trial and error, under the roaring anarchy and total chaos of these live performances. But it was love at first sight when I saw the photographs my 35mm Nikon captured, with an energy so raw and real that you could hear and feel the music. " -Maggie St.Thomas

"When I was 16 years old standing on the stage with Bradley Nowell and photographing his band Sublime in 1995, I knew right then that I was documenting such a powerful player in music history. Bradley Nowell's untimely passing occurred just one year later, and my photographs and written words were used in a handful of publications honoring his memory and the great legacy of music he left behind. Exactly 23 years later one of my photographs is used to commemorate what would have been Bradley Nowell's 50th Birthday, and is the main focal point of Sublime's most recent music video Boss D.J.Theres a bunch of epic releases out now and more to follow.  Fresh merchandise and threads can be ordered now at the link below. Join me today in representing the Bad Fish style and grace atOfficial Sublime " -Maggie St.Thomas