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​"I enjoy seeing photographs or reading almost anything about The Ramones, but it is specially satisfactory when a written piece is done well with a true sense of understanding of punk music, this is just the case in what Maggie has written about the band, she is also very good at capturing the bands spirit in photos."

          -Arturo Vega

    (Ramones Creative Director) 2001

Maggie St.Thomas' iconic 35mm B&W film photograph of Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell from June 17, 1995 shot onstage with the band at KROQ Weenie Roast 1995 is the main focal point of the new Sublime music video 'Boss DJ' (2018) commemorating what would have been the artists 50th birthday (Feb. 22, 1968). 

above: Arturo Vega in his NYC loft 2006.

photo Maggie St.Thomas

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 published print photographer since 1994   specializing in 35mm film... 

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It was my pleasure covering San Francisco's Outside Lands Music and Art Festival August 10th-12th... Over 23 miles were walked to photograph 25 music artists performing including LP, Odesza, Florence + The Machine, Tash Sultana,  Beck, The Weeknd, and Janet Jackson. Currently working on my photographs and article, full coverage coming soon at Janky Smooth, and more.

xo- Maggie St.Thomas