About the photographer ...

In 1992 Maggie St.Thomas photographed the LSD Guru Dr. Timothy ​Leary speaking at Chapman University in Orange, California. Around this time, St.Thomas began accompanying her father to numerous Anarchy Punk and Goth Concerts in the Los Angeles area, and remembers being snuck into a Johnny Thunders concert by her father and Cleopatra Records owner Brian Perrera in her mothers 8" platforms in 1987, months before her 9th birthday. St.Thomas' photographs and research have taken her down many of the "less traveled roads," for example while attending Cal State Fullerton's Criminal Investigations program, and reading Jason  Moss' book The Last Victim,  St.Thomas began a correspondence with #E37101, Richard Ramirez  (The Night Stalker), a man whom she learned through their letters had a unique penchant himself for taking color photographs of butterflies. 

Just days after her 14th birthday, St.Thomas was already a published photographer/ photo-journalist. Much of the publications that featured her name and photo work could be purchased on the newsstands of Tower Records nationwide, and on the streets of Southern California. Just one year after seeing her name in print for the first time, St.Thomas was sharing the stage with Sublime, and photographing her all time favorites... The Ramones!!!

"When I think back to the early days that I was capturing my first subjects thru my camera lens, I sometimes wonder how I managed to get a clear shot in a mosh pit with fans and punkers twice my height clambering around and stage diving.  This was the landscape in which I learned my skills thou, it was hands on, trial and error, under the roaring anarchy and total chaos of these live performances. But it was love at first sight when I saw the photographs my 35mm Nikon captured, with an energy so raw and real that you could hear and feel the music. "

Maggie participated in a handful of summer programs at Idyllwild School of Music and The Arts (ISOMATA) including B&W​  Portrait Photography with Erik Metzler, and Hopi Silversmithing with Michael Kabotie

 "Be it film or 35mm stills, I was exposed very early on to the art of some of the most powerful women to ever work behind a camera, including the controversial Leni Riefenstahl, and my favorite Diane Arbus.  The techniques of film  mastery of these revolutionary artists are embedded in me," she admits. 

As a centerfold/ cover and events photographer for Rockabilly Magazine during the years of 2004-2006, St.Thomas found herself coordinating an in-store magazine signing at Tower Records, this was the first and only in-store magazine signing to ever take place at Tower Records in West Covina, California in June 2006 with over 350 people in line to get their magazines (and body parts) signed by centerfold pin-up models and musicians photographed by St.Thomas for the publication. 

In 2009, St.Thomas began working as a staff photographer (centerfold bud-tographer and events photographer) for Kush Magazine, and began approaching music  artists she knew to get them in the magazine, so she started interviewing and photographing artists on a "How To Roll A Blunt" feature beginning with Mickey Avalon, Slightly Stoopid, Pakelika(Kottonmouth Kings), B-Real of Cypress Hill, and she finished with Snoop Dogg for the cover and feature of High Times Magazine Oct 2011. 
That same year, St.Thomas gathered content from a handful of artists and published what was to be a free quarterly publication with an emphasis on   music and the arts called Jerk Of All trades Magazine. Each issue contained a centerfold with original artwork by Mark Arminski,  Exene Cervenka, and a punk rock guacamole recipe and 10 Commandments of Photography by Edward Colver. Two issues made it from the cranium to the streets, but sadly the magazine folded later that year. 

The photography work and written words of film photographer Maggie St.Thomas have been published and featured on over a handful of national television and news outlets including The Today Show, over 65 album and print magazine covers, and inside the pages of more than 200 print publications, billboards, t-shirts, sweaters, posters, as well as other notable forms of media including a music video featuring the film photograph of Bradley Nowell from 1995 as the main focal point throughout the entire Boss DJ music video (2018). St. Thomas was a subject of interest for The Blairing Out Show, LTN's Red Light Special, and a featured guest on 103.1 fm with TK in Southern California, as well as a guest artist on 89.3 fm's The Wrekking Hours with Alan Contino in Dearborn,  Michigan. 

In 2006, St.Thomas completed 3 certification programs at Cal State University of Fullerton (CSUF) for Private Investigations, Undercover Surveillance, and Criminal Investigations of the Forensic Sciences.

In Fall 2015, St.Thomas was a feature artist at Rainwater Gallery in Huntington Beach, CA, anARTchy, the art of punk where she had on display her Ramones photographs framed and UV printed on vinyl, and cigar box time clocks of her art. Guest speakers included Jack Grisham of TSOL, DH Peligro of Dead Kennedys. HB Independent, OC Weekly, and LA Times did a cover on the show, read the article here

In October 2016, St.Thomas' photograph of actor/musician Corey Feldman was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, uncredited, however, a first for both the photographer, and her subject. 

In the summer of 2017, St.Thomas became a licensed CANA (Crematory Association of North America) certified Crematory Operator recognized in 47/50 states of the U.S., and enjoys assisting individuals and families with getting their final wishes on file as Pre Need Funeral Planner in Los Angeles County. St.Thomas is currently working on publishing a photography book in the goth genre with legendary punk icon Exene Cervenka of X selecting and critiquing the chosen images in her 35mm film collection.  

Maggie St.Thomas Photography