Maggie St.Thomas Photography


About the photographer… 

On November 29th, 1978 Maggie Renee' St.Thomas was born. Expressing a love for music 
and the arts

at such a young age, and Sneaking into a Mötörhead concert with her father at six years of age. In 2006,

St.Thomas interviewed Lemmy Kilmeister (frontman of Mötorhead) and shared  this experience, which

 resulted in Lemmy giving Maggie a thumbs up and saying "that's true rock'n'roll." In 1987  St.Thomas

accompanied her father to a rock'n'roll gig at The San Juan  Capistrano Coach House to see a live concert

performance of Johnny Thunders. She was just 8 years old wearing ruby red lipstick, and her mothers 7"

platforms. But it didn't really click until  she saw the film Rock'n'Roll Highschool , an Allan Arkush classic

featuring The Ramones. It was life changing, and at 11 she saw The Ramones live in concert with

Blondie playing support at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater , California. 

In November of 1994, and just days after her 14th birthday, Maggie St.Thomas began her journey as a

published photographer/ photo-journalist with her name in print on a full two page article in Angry Thoreaun

Magazine, and could be purchased on the newsstands of Tower Records nationwide. Just one year after seeing her name in print for the first time, she was photographing her all time favorites... The Ramones live in concert. They played a festival with Sublime, Hole, Rage Against The Machine, and Sponge. 1996 was the year of Bradley Nowell  (Sublime)'s untimely passing. BAM Media, and Angry Thoreauan Magazine used her photograph and written words for Bradley's memorial piece, and later in 2011, her photograph of Bradley Nowell was featured on the cover of OC Weekly, and voted the best cover of 2011. She photographed this  event on a Nikon 5005 35mm film camera.

In the summer of 2006, St.Thomas coordinated an in-store magazine signing at Tower Records with regional manager Kurt Wada, featuring pin-up models and music artists she had photographed for the conterfold and covers of Rockabilly Magazine out of Austin, Texas.  The signing was a huge success with over 350 people who came down and got their magazines signed, and was the first and only magazine that Tower Records ever featured for an in store signing. 

The photo work and written words  of Maggie St.Thomas have been published and featured on over a handful of television and news outlets, over 60 album and magazine covers, and inside the pages of  over 200 publications, billboards, t-shirts, posters, and more.. She has been the subject of interest for a full 30 min special on The Blairing Out show, LTN's Red Light Special, and a featured guest on 103.1 fm with TK in California, and 89.3 fm's The Wrekking Hours with Alan Contino in Dearborn, Michigan. 

In 2006, St.Thomas completed three certified programs at Cal State University Fullerton's Extended Education program  (CSUF) for Private Investigations, Undercover Surveillance, and Criminal Investigations of the Forensic Sciences. 

In October 2016, after 23 years of photography, Maggie's photograph of actor/musician Corey Feldman was published in Rolling Stone. A first for both the photographer, and her subject. 

In addition to continuing her passion as a freelance photographer for entertainment artists and outlets from all necks of the woods, she began working as a Funeral Home in Los Angeles County in early June of 2017, and in the summer St.Thomas became a CANA certified Crematory Operator, and is working on her Associate of Arts degree at Long Beach Community College. 

Stay tuned...