​Published since 1994'

 ​​​​​​Maggie St.Thomas

Maggie St.Thomas began her journey as a photo-journalist at the age of 14.  In Nov. 1994, she celebrated her first published two-page feature in Angry Thoreauan Magazine. Her experiences have led her to meet and work artists from all necks of the woods, including The Ramones, and Etta James, and has had her work featured on over 50 magazine covers,  and inside the pages of over 150 print magazines. She's been a guest on The Wrekking Hours in Dearborn Michigan over a handful of times, a subject of interest for The Blairing Out Show and LTN's Red Light Special, and  handfuls of album and CD covers, billboards, and gallery showings across the U.S.  Staying true to her film photographic roots, she continues to document and photograph many of her subjects with 35mm & 120mm film cameras.