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Since 1994 Maggie St.Thomas has skillfully acquired a massive body of work featured in over 200 print magazines and books, over  60  magazine covers, 22 centerfolds, a dozen album covers tshirts, billboards, tv shows, and has been a guest artist on radio shows 89.9 FM in her birth town of Dearborn, Michigan...

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 Custom works done regularly. 

Past Publications, Tear Sheets, Covers, and more from 1994-present. 

Maggie St.Thomas Photography​ 


"I enjoy seeing photographs or reading almost anything about The Ramones, but it is specially satisfactory when a written piece is done well with a true sense of understanding of punk music, this is just the case in what Maggie has written about the band, she is also very good at capturing the bands spirit in photos."​ 

Arturo Vega

RAMONES Creative Director, 2001

On April 5, 2019 I had the honor of photographing the arrival of President Donald Trump at the Santa Monica motorcade.

Like thousands of photographs I have acquired over the past two and 1/2 decades, I am keeping these images unpublished on the web until they can be seen in the light I feel they deserve. 
Should you be interested in these photographs, or any others from my portfolio , drop me a line at  maggie@35mmMaggie.com

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