Maggie St.Thomas Photography​ 

Just days after her 14th birthday, Maggie St.Thomas was a published photo-journalist, and would soon be documenting the Los Angeles Anarchy punk and Goth music scenes before photographing her all-time favorites, The Ramones in 1995!

Since 1994, her work has graced the pages and covers of over 250 print publications including High Times and Rolling Stone Magazine and has been featured on television programs including NBC's The Today Show, KTLA Ch 5 news, and a guest speaker on various radio outlets in multiple US states. 

In addition to photo-journalistic work, this artist has completed three certifications of study at Cal State University Fullerton from 2000-2006 in Forensic Sciences, Undercover Surveillance, and Private Investigation. In the early Summer of 2017, Maggie began working as a Pre-Need Funeral Planner in Los Angeles County and quickly attained her license as a CANA Certified Crematory Operator.

As of August 2018, Maggie St.Thomas became a regular contributor to Janky Smooth online publication and began volunteering with Evergreen Hospice doing crochet work for hospice patients and Videography Life Review Celebrations of hospice patients in transition.

Above: Photograph by Maggie St.Thomas of Bradley James Nowell at KROQ Weenie Roast 06. 17.1995