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Maggie St.Thomas Photography

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  LA Times Magazine...   Oct 2015

  by: Brittany Woolsey 

  Maggie St. Thomas remembers her dad strapping 7-inch boots on her feet, putting a leather hat on her head and      painting her  lips red in an effort to make her look older when she was otherwise too young to get into 21-and-      older music venues.

  Back then, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, St. Thomas' father snuck her into the clubs, where she was exposed        to the misfit world of punk rock and its musky, sweaty crowds. She loved it.
  Her punk rock pop and a trusty fake I.D. found in a telephone booth gave her access to a world of alternative        people, adorned in studs and neon-colored hair, and fast, loud, rebellious rock 'n' roll, that most of her peers never got to see.

  "I tried to tell my friends at school about these shows but couldn't describe just how awesome they were," said the   Huntington Beach resident, now 36. "When I was 14, I started taking a film camera with me so I could show them what I saw."

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Just days after her 14th birthday, Maggie St.Thomas was already a published photographer/ photo-journalist, and Just one year after seeing her name in print for the first time, she was sharing the stage with Sublime, and taking photographs of her all time favorites... The Ramones!!!

After participating in a handful of summer programs at Idyllwild School of Music and The Arts (ISOMATA),  including B&W​  Portrait Photography with Erik Metzler, and Hopi Silversmithing with Michael Kabotie,  She used the ID she had found at a payphone of a woman much older than her teenage self, and got into 21 and over concerts where she would photograph and interview music artists and people inside the venue.  

Her favorite photographers include Diane Arbus, and Leni Riefenstahl.  

In 2006, St.Thomas completed 3 certification programs at Cal State University of Fullerton (CSUF) for Private   Investigations, Undercover Surveillance, and Criminal Investigations of the Forensic Sciences.

As a centerfold/ cover and events photographer for Rockabilly Magazine during the years 

of 2004-2006, St.Thomas found herself coordinating an in-store magazine signing at

Tower Records in June 2006. This was the first and only in-store magazine signing to

ever take place at Tower Records in West Covina, California in June 2006 with over

350 people in line to get their magazines (and body parts) signed by centerfold pin-up

models and musicians she photographed for the publication.

Working as a staff photographer (centerfold bud-tographer and events photographer) for Kush Magazine in 2009, Maggie St.Thomas interviewed and photographed artists on a "How To Roll A Blunt" feature beginning with Mickey Avalon, Slightly Stoopid, Pakelika(Kottonmouth Kings), B-Real of Cypress Hill, and she finished with Snoop Dogg for the cover and feature of High Times Magazine Oct 2011. 

That same year, St.Thomas gathered content from a handful of artists including her own photographic work and published what was to be a free quarterly publication with an emphasis on   music and the arts called Jerk Of All Trades Magazine. Each issue contained a centerfold with original artwork by Mark Arminski,  Exene Cervenka, and a punk rock guacamole recipe and 10 Commandments of Photography by Edward Colver. Two issues made it from the cranium to the streets, but sadly the magazine folded shortly after it's inception. 

 The photography work and written words of Maggie St.Thomas have been published and featured on over a handful of national television and news outlets including The Today Show, over 65 album and print magazine covers,   and inside the pages of more than 200 print publications.

In the Fall of 2015, St.Thomas was a feature artist at Rainwater Gallery in Huntington Beach, CA., where her Ramones photographs along with other photographic art works including UV printed on vinyl prints, and cigar box time clocks were on display for attendees. Guest speakers of the three month art event included Jack Grisham of TSOL, DH Peligro of Dead Kennedys, and more. HB Independent, OC Weekly, and LA Times all covered and reviewed the show.
In October 2016, St.Thomas' photograph of actor/musician Corey Feldman was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, uncredited, however, a first for both the photographer, and her subject. 

In the summer of 2017, Maggie St.Thomas became a licensed CANA (Crematory Association of North America) certified Crematory Operator, and worked as a Pre-Need Funeral Planner in Los Angeles County assisting individuals and families with getting their final wishes on fie for traditional burials and/or cremation.

In the beginning of 2018, Maggie St.Thomas' iconic photograph of Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell from 1995 was the main focal point for the  entire Boss DJ music video (2018).  St.Thomas was also a subject of interest for The Blairing Out Show,  LTN's Red Light Special, and a featured guest on 103.1 fm  with TK in Southern California, as well as a guest artist onThe  Wrekking Hours with host Alan Contino in her birth town of Dearborn, Michigan.                                                                                

St.Thomas is currently working on a photography book in the goth genre with legendary punk icon, poet, songwriter and friend Exene Cervenka of X selecting and critiquing the chosen images in her 35mm film collection.